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In July, Google announced a beta for publishers using Google Ad Manager (formerly DoubleClick For Publishers) to be serve ads in AMP stories. AMP Story Ads are now out of beta, Google announced Wednesday.

The AMP team also announced support with Google Ad Manager to deliver direct sold ads.

Why you should care

Story Ads are fullscreen that appear within AMP stories, in the way they do on Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram. If the format takes off.

A small number of publishers have been testing ads in AMP stories over the last few months. The ability for publishers to monetize these formats will be a key driver to increase adoption.

In the example below, an ad for the podcast Retropod appears in a Washington Post AMP Story.

More on AMP story ads

  • The ads have call to action buttons that users can click to get to the advertisers’ site or app store.
  • Story ads use the open source AMPHTML ad framework. The ad functionality is powered by AMP components rather than JavaScript.
  • AMP now has nearly 100 ad vendor integrations.
  • Documentation for creating AMP Story ads can be found here. And a live sample is available here.


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How To Get A Do Follow Link From Facebook (And 2 Other Link Sources You Are Ignoring)

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How To Get A Do Follow Link From Facebook (And 2 Other Link Sources You Are Ignoring)
How To Get A Do Follow Link From Facebook

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How To Get More Followers On Instagram – Tutorial 2017

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How To Get More Followers On Instagram - Tutorial 2017
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