Branding Strategies To Build Into Your Marketing Plan

Branding is an art, not just a skill. It takes a lot of work, time, and resources to develop a brand that will last as long as possible.

Branding Definition – What Is Branding?

Branding StrategiesWhat is Branding? A simple definition would be “a known or recognizable name”. So a brand is nothing more than a recognizable or well known name that identifies one product or service as different from the ones of other similar sellers. The best example of a brand is Apple or Microsoft. Even if you have never heard of the company before (you must have been living under a stone somewhere very obscure!), you have probably noticed their logo. This principle applies to companies, brands and even individuals.

What is branding done by the company or brand? In business, the company or brand uses a consistent design, theme, message and public image to differentiate themselves from the competition. Brands help consumers create an identity and provide a consistent and memorable experience.

Branding Identities

There are many ways to distinguish one brand from another, but one way that most people do not think about is having a consistent color palette. Many businesses, whether they use a tagline, color scheme or even a color background, will have a common color palette that is used throughout their operations. One of the ways this is accomplished is by having a consistent color palette that is used for all print and web content, including their packaging materials. This helps consumers identify the brands that they recognize while also helping them to remember what it is they see on the tagline or on the package label.

Branding StrategiesA classic example of this is the LinkDaddy® site. It uses a very distinctive color scheme and consistent branding throughout the site.

Branding Strategies

Branded companies and brands are crucial for the success of a business because without a company to sell their products or services, a business will effectively be ” shutdown ” due to lack of revenue. Therefore, branding is perhaps one of the most important things any company can invest in. As such, firms should always build a solid brand from the beginning in order to keep it as strong as they grow, as it is essential for their long term survival.

Great branding is all about building trust and establishing an emotional connection with your audience. This emotional connection is what makes branding so powerful and important. Without a solid brand and powerful sales pitch, a company can quickly find themselves slipping into irrelevancy as the competition chugs along. Branding helps to keep your customers and clients emotionally attached to your company; this is why great branding is so important.

So how do you go about building and maintaining a brand? One way to build brand trust is to consistently communicate your branding message with personal communication, which is known as personas. These personas can consist of slogans, logos, and even images, but the most important concept behind the concept of personas is that they help create the “aura” around your brand identity system. Each persona you create for your company can represent who you are, what you do, and what you stand for. For example, you could use your brand identity system to represent yourself as a technology-based firm, and then present a brief biography of you as that person through different personas.

Another way to communicate your branding message is through your marketplace personas. With marketplace personas, you take your branding system and essentially “spice up” it by adding extra details or fluff, depending on your preferences. For example, you might want to present a one-line description of your business in your marketplace; however, you can add a few bullet points and even a voice-over to really spice things up for your audience. Likewise, you could even sprinkle in some personality details that are more descriptive than “your company’s full name”.

Branding StrategiesIt’s important that you keep in mind that not all audiences are receptive to branding. Perhaps the only category that may be truly receptive to your brand is your existing customer base. But even if that’s the case, it’s still important to constantly expand your marketing and customer base. The more exposure your new business receives, the more your new business will begin to show up on search engine results, and the more likely people are to notice your brand when they are browsing the internet. Branding is a key factor in gaining search engine rankings, but you also need to remember that it’s just as important to have a marketplace that is receptive to your branding as it is your brand name.

The Role Of A Branding Agency

The role of an branding agency is to develop, plan and execute branding strategies for customers, which include branding in marketing and all other forms of marketing. Branding is basically the creative process of building a business’s brand, which includes branding identity, branding system and message platform. A branding agency helps in defining branding strategy by evaluating the needs of the customer and coming up with a proper solution. Branding involves creativity, imagination and communication, and it involves many other disciplines such as research, evaluation, analysis and research design.

Today branding is very important to reach a larger audience. It is also used to increase the social media exposure and to get more visibility on search engines. A branding agency helps in the branding in marketing by planning strategies that incorporate the most effective branding elements in a cost-effective way. The branding agency uses different kinds of branding in marketing to make a brand identity, which can be easily identified and appreciated by the target customers.

Include Branding In Marketing Campaigns

Branding in marketing involves the following components like branding identity, branding system, marketing campaign loyalty, branding strategy and consumer loyalty. It is vital for branding agency to take into consideration each component separately so that the final product meets the requirements of the target consumer.

There are many ways in which the branding agency can carry out branding in marketing. Branding includes logo, visual branding, product branding, brand identity, corporate branding, web branding, and corporate identity.

Branding Yourself – Don’t Forget!

Branding StrategiesIn branding yourself, you still need to know your target audience. You should also have a positive competitive mindset. To be a brand yourself success, you need to understand what it is that makes a brand successful and what mistakes you should avoid to ensure branding yourself success. The rest is just following the branding tips given above but using your own name in place of a company. Great examples of successful personal branding would be Tony Robbins and Neil Patel or from the world of entertainment Justin Bieber.

Brand loyalty develops with time as people start to trust one another. Brand loyalty is more towards your product as well as your service. If you have a strong brand image then you will gain a high level of loyalty from your consumers. On the other hand, if you do not have a strong brand image, it becomes difficult to build customer loyalty.

Branding Guidelines

The objective of branding is to increase the consumer awareness of your product. Branding guidelines cover creativity and imagination in every area including technology, business, law, finance, education, communications, government, branding, and public relations. The branding strategy should be consistent and unique as it will help to build your market share and potential customers.


The critical step in branding is to consider your target audience. Is your audience more attuned to technology or more attuned to fashion? Perhaps they’re more likely to buy a product if they see it advertised on TV, rather than seeing it advertised on billboards. Knowing your target audience is crucial to developing an effective branding strategy. This information will help you to develop a marketing plan that is geared towards your specific audience, which will then increase your profitability.

Google Search Console – What Is It & How It Can Help

What is Google Search Console?

This is an online tool provided by Google. If you have an account with Google and want to give your website more visibility and traffic, then you need to learn how to use Google Search Console effectively.

Google Search Console

Here’s a quick rundown of how to use Google Search Console with your SEO needs in mind. From Fetch as Google, to the Index report and other Google tools, you’ll be getting top-notch SEO data on a regular basis.

How To Use Google Search Console

When you use Google Search Console, you get access to Google’s powerful search engine tools. You can use the Google Toolbar for all of your site’s web vitals, such as URL and Title tags. You can also use the Google Web History to see what keywords and keyword phrases people are typing into the search engines. For a web professional, this is an excellent way to take a deep dive into a website’s structure.

To help you use Google Search Console the most effectively, you’ll need to get access to Google’s URL Inspection Tool. The URL Inspection Tool is an important part of Google Search Console, as it lets you know which internal and external links on a website are important. It shows you who is linking to each page, how often they are linking to each page, and what types of links they are linking to.

Google Search Console Login

In order to use this Google Toolbar, you’ll need to login to Google using your Gmail or Google account. Once you’ve logged in, click the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner of the browser and select “Google” from the drop-down menu.

Google Search ConsoleIf you’re using the Google Toolbar to browse Google, then you will need to go to the URL Inspection Tool to activate it. To use the Google Search Console, you will need to go to Google Search, click the “Search Tools” link, and click the ” Begins tab” link at the bottom of the results list. In the Search Results section, click the “Fetch tab” link to bring up the Google Sitemaps tool. Click the button next to “Map” in order to view a full screen, graphical representation of what Google is currently locating. If you would like to know more about the details behind Google’s maps, visit Google’s website for more information.

One of the features that the Google Search Console offers is the ability to analyze and discover report content. The Google Search Console allows you to view the number of times that particular keywords appear throughout the entire search results report. To find out which keywords appear most frequently throughout your results report, click the “Get traffic by location” link next to the search bar. This will take you to an overview page that displays the highest number of times that particular geographic locations appear throughout the entire report.

You can also use the Google Search Console to view and track your crawling errors. To do this, click the ” crawled” link under the appropriate category on the overview page. This will take you to a list of Google Webmaster Tools Crawl Error alerts. Look for the column that corresponds to your keyword. In our example, if you want to see something like “this webpage was indexed”, you should check the ” crawled” column.

Google Search ConsoleNow you can examine the individual items in your coverage report. For each crawl error, Google includes a description. You can use the Google Content Network to search for any individual item and/or description. In our example, you would use the Google Content Network to search for each individual entry that has a description that begins with “this page was crawled”. You can also use the Google Toolbar to search for items based on their titles.

Google Search Console Vs Google Analytics

In a nutshell, Google Analytics can provide you with information regarding how your site is performing giving you a great insight to the effectiveness of the site.

Google Analytics provides information that will tell you:

  • Who’s visiting your site?
  • What are they doing to find it?
  • The amount of visits to your website
  • Where are visitors coming from?
  • How long do they spend on your site?
  • The purpose of their visit

In contrast, Google Search Console is utilized to enhance and improve your site. It offers information like:

  • Who is linking to your site?
  • Technical mistakes on your website
  • Intel to keyword queries
  • Age of the Search Console

How To Setup Google Search Console

If you’re not yet registered with Google Search Console now is the right time to sign up.

To add your website to Google Search Console, sign into your Google account. Be sure to use your company (not private) account, if it’s an official business site.

  1. Go to Google Webmaster Tools.
  2. Select “Add a property.”
  3. Select “Website” from the drop-down menu and type in the URL of your website. Be sure to use the exact URL you see in the browser’s bar.
  4. Click “Continue.”
  5. Choose a method to prove you have the website (HTML file upload, domain name provider HTML tag, GA tracking codes, GTM container fragment).
  6. If your site is compatible with both http https and http ://, include each as separate websites. It is also necessary to include each domain (for instance,,, and

Google Search Console Verification

What is Google Search Console verification?

Google Search ConsoleIt is the method of proving you own the property you claim to be the owner of. Search Console needs to verify ownership as verifiable owners can access confidential Google Search data for a website, which can impact the site’s visibility and performance in Google Search and other Google properties. The verified owner is able to give access to others.

Verify Your Property

  1. Verify the website’s property
  2. Choose to add a property or select an unregistered property from the property selection.
  3. Select among the verification methods beneath then follow these directions. Verification pages will outline the available methods and those suggested for your website.

Verifying Child Properties

After you have verified the property, you are able to create and verify the properties of your child sites effortlessly using the same verification procedure without any additional effort. In other words, if you’ve verified ownership for by using the HTML method of uploading files the child properties you create will be automatically verified by using the same method.

Using Multiple Verification Methods

You can include different verification methods to the property’s Verification Settings page. You may want to include multiple verification methods in the event that one of your current verification methods fail (for instance, in the event that you’ve verified with the Google Analytics tracking code, and someone alters the design of your website that does not include the Google Analytics tracking code).

Multiple owners can confirm who owns the property by using the same or other verification methods. If you are using this method of verification, ensure that you don’t duplicate the verification tokens used by any other owners.

How Long Is Verification Valid For?

Verification will last until Search Console can confirm the authenticity and presence that your token of verification is valid.

Google Search ConsoleSearch Console periodically checks if your verification token remains valid and in use (for instance, checking whether or not you’re HTML Verification tag is in place). If verification cannot be verified, you will be informed. If the issue cannot be solved, your authorizations for the property will expire after a specified grace period.

The user agent that performs HTML tag verification has the user agent token Google-Site-Verification and the full user agent string Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Google-Site-Verification/1.0)

When Do I Begin To Look At Information?

The information is collected for properties when a user is able to add it to Search Console, even before verification takes place.

Google Search Console API

There is an API for Google Search Console. The Search Console API allows programmatic access to the majority of functions provided by the Google Search Console. It is possible to use the API to browse, edit or remove properties as well as sitemaps. You can also execute advanced queries for Google Search results data for the properties you manage within Search Console.

Finally, be sure to check the “Crawl Expectations” section. This is important because it lets you know how Google is currently planning to adjust its algorithms. You may want to start using new URL parameters in your marketing campaigns. If so, Google will indicate the parameters that will be used by your application in the new version. By following these simple steps, you can increase your odds of success as you work to improve your Google Places, Google Search, Google AdWords, and Google AdSense businesses.

Matt Diggity – Cubicle Worker To SEO Super Star

As he has admitted, Matt Diggity has been an “SEO Guinea Pig” since 2009. Since then, Matt has become a highly regarded SEO expert whose opinions and views are highly sought-after.

Matt Diggity SEO

Matt was a student at the University of California, San Diego and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree and then a Master’s Degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering in 2012 and 2014.

Matt has declared himself an ardent travel addict. He was born and raised within the United States and lived there for a long time however, as soon as it was possible to purchase a one-way ticket to Asia and the world at large, he was gone. While he respects his ties to the USA, he was born to travel.

Born To Travel

Presently residing in Chiang Mai, Thailand, Matt has also spent some time living in Costa Rica, Japan, and Bali. He has traveled to more than 50 countries all over the world, but he usually prefers to stay in Asia because this is the place where he is more at ease and is able to better connect with the local culture. Even though Chiang Mai may seem an odd place to live, it provides an extremely relaxed life. For that same reason, some of the top digital marketers have also settled in the Chiang Mai area. There’s an enormous group of people who are making a killing on the internet, and that makes it an extremely stimulating environment to live and work within for Matt.

Matt is focused on achieving a balance between work and social activities. He is surrounded by a large group of friends, including other nomads. As you can imagine, with his constant travel and being away from his loved ones, he’s found himself creating an entirely new family along the journey.

Matt is also a keen follower of yoga and meditation which is one of the factors that attracted Matt to Thailand. Matt is known to do yoga for at least one hour each day without fail. This could help to explain his calm personality and an aura of being in control of thgings that he exudes.

Matt Diggity the entrepreneur is widely known as an online marketing ‘guru’ who specializes in SEO for search engines. As with many search engine professionals, Diggity began his career as an affiliate marketer. He was able to study and experiment with SEO strategies in order to rank his websites in his chosen niches. He reverse-engineered the already successful sites to find out what he had to do to out rank them. An approach he still follows today.

Expanding His Business Interests

As time passed, Diggity expanded his business and added the following to his business portfolio: A personal blog in which Matt posts SEO tips and marketing content
Authority Builders – A guest blog on the marketplace
The Search Initiative – An SEO agency and affiliate partnership program
Affiliate Lab Affiliate Lab – The course which teaches you how you can replicate the success of his affiliate marketing

Matt Diggity is one of the most trustworthy people, completely authentic. He’s been working in digital marketing for well over 10 years and there isn’t one negative word about the man. This, in a world rife with unscrupulous individuals, is a remarkable accomplishment in and of itself.

A lot of Matt Diggity’s followers are recommended by their friends, and that just wouldn’t happen if your reputation wasn’t squeaky clean. Matt’s blog is filled with a wealth of information that is practical and unique. You can apply the lessons he provides and know you will get results.

Matt Diggity’s Affiliate Lab Course

The Affiliate Lab course is a collection of guides and methods that are based on the information he has studied, and then put together into a step-by step blueprint. This is the only training that you’ll need for ranking, earning from and then selling on affiliate websites, and is backed by ongoing updates and support in Facebook groups.

Matt Diggity SEOMany students have made money from their websites built using the course. If you’re a novice with no experience or an experienced SEO expert, the course will be an important step toward increasing your income, more freedom, and greater control in your daily life.

Matt’s work and passion is SEO. Matt is a full-time SEO Optimization specialist. Contrary to many gurus who simply instruct, Matt earns his income through SEO-related ventures, which include affiliate marketing, ranking of clients and lead generation, in addition to SEO training and services.

The passive income system provided by affiliate marketing has allowed Matt to create the life that he’s always wanted, living the life of the digital nomad. Matt began his journey by getting involved in affiliate marketing as a way to earn income. He realized that he needed to rank his websites well for any kind of affiliate income, and thus he began to reverse engineer the most successful websites in his field and learn SEO.

On the back of his successes and failures the Affiliate Lab was born.

Matt’s SEO Journey

Originally out of necessity, or even desperation, Matt made the decision to find out how he could earn passive income via affiliate SEO. In the beginning, Matt believed that you could make just a few hundred dollars each month, but after he realized that 5, 4, and 6-figure websites were possible, he went all in.

The journey wasn’t always simple. Matt wasn’t able to count the number of thousands of dollars he spent trying various SEO strategies which didn’t really work. And that doesn’t even factor-in how many hours or days were spent doing all that work.

Then catastrophe struck. Matt’s sites were penalized. At some point, all of his sites were hit, and the 5-figure monthly income that he had worked so hard to earn disappeared in just a few hours. He was left in shock.

At this point, Matt made the decision to take matters into his own hands. When everything went south, he had to decide between abandoning SEO and resuming normal, commuter life or going back to the beginning and start again.

He decided to give it another go but this time wanted do it his own way. As an engineer he knew he could improve on the process. From that point onward he would try every ranking technique he came across, testing before applying them to his sites.

H built hundreds of test websites on which he would use various SEO techniques and let Google decide the things it was looking for in order to rank the site. This pragmatic approach started to pay dividends.

Matt was now seeing steady and quick results and was not being hit by Google. He grew his understanding of the testing process and began to develop new methods that weren’t in use before.

He could now compete in the top affiliate niches online. Have you heard of garcinia cambogia? He was on page 1.

When he saw the test results giving the exact information he required in order to get his websites to the top, SEO was a breeze.

Website Flipping  Epiphany

Matt Diggity SEOThen he discovered site flipping. Knowing that you can sell affiliate websites up to 32-40x their monthly earnings, changed the game again for him. A website that earns $10,000 per month can be sold for $350,000. This is when his earnings began to take a major turn towards the positive.

Through selling websites he could move three years in the future, and then collect all the cash upfront. If he did that, he could then make use of a small amount of that money to develop additional websites.

Do you realize how quickly this can accumulate? it is quite amazing that this is possible in the present day and shows the rewards for a patient and analytical approach.

Since Matt discovered his freedom, thanks to SEO and affiliate marketing he has never looked back. He is a regular participant in Facebook groups and created an annual SEO event because he wanted to share this with people to be able to experience the same success.

Next he decided to design an online course that was capable of teaching people the same techniques to improve rankings and flip affiliate sites with the tested-based strategies he had been using. He set out to design an SEO course for affiliates and this is how The Affiliate Lab came about.

It’s a fact that SEO can be difficult. You probably wouldn’t be reading this if you had nailed it yourself already. We’ve all had our share of frustrations, too. Websites that won’t rank. Spending money on strategies that aren’t working.

This isn’t your fault however. The problem is that the SEO information on the internet is contaminated by recycled, watered-down information from those who aren’t making a living through SEO.

However, with a well-tested blueprint built on test results from real tests, SEO starts to make some sense. This is what SEO is all about if you take the scientific approach. Systems and blueprints that you can repeat and get consistent results.

Matt Diggity SEO

Matt Diggity’s Business Ventures

Diggity Marketing LLC
CEO and Founder
Dec 2014 – Present
Location: Chiang Mai, Thailand
– Award winning SEO blog featuring test results, case studies, and data-backed SEO strategies
– 1-on-1 SEO consultation sessions
– Diggity Links ranking service

Authority Builders
Director and Founder
Nov 2017 – Present
Location: London, United Kingdom
White hat link building, made easy and safe. Browse a database of over 5000 real websites (growing 600+ per month) with real traffic, ready to link to you.

The Search Initiative
Mar 2017 – Present
Location: London, United Kingdom
An SEO agency staffed by a hand-picked team of best-in-class SEOs. Offering white labeling and done for you SEO services.

LeadSpring LLC
CEO and Founder
Dec 2015 – Present
Location: Chiang Mai, Thailand
JV Platform for affiliate SEO website ventures. Partner with LeadSpring to increase your site rankings and conversions.

Chiang Mai SEO Conference
Nov 2017 – Present
Location: Chiang Mai

Dec 2019 – Present

Manager, Strategic Initiatives
Oct 2005 – Nov 2012
Location: Greater San Diego Area
– Collaborate with customers, sales, and R&D to develop power, noise, and reliability solutions for clients.
– Meet with ASIC vendors and System houses to cultivate synergistic relationships with the goal of designing advanced and reliable ICs.
– Coordinator of customer user-group meetings and activities
– Development of sales, educational, and marketing material
– Education leader on deep sub-micron reliability and verification
– Technology expert for the Chip-Package-System co-design products

Microsemi Corporation
Mixed Signal EDA Engineer
Jun 2001 – Oct 2005
Location: Greater San Diego Area
– Credited for eight digital implementation tape-outs from RTL to GDS, each successful on first silicon
– Developed company-wide design flows through numerous tool evaluations and integration testing
– Given presentations to designers on topics including: industry standards, new concepts and conference highlights
– Company contact to vendor account managers and application engineers

Page One Results With 8 On Page SEO Tips

The competition for a place on the first page of Google is intense but with the right SEO effort and work it’s doable. Here’s how.

On Page SEO

SEO has grown in many ways, but the one thing that’s remained constant is the importance of appearing at the top of Google Search results.

Being On Page One Counts

The days of simple blue links and a handful of ads are long gone. With all the modern SERP features, the rich results, and personalized outcomes it’s still the case that being on the first page for the keywords that are important to your business is the ultimate goal for organic traffic.

According to a research study that was conducted in 2020, the rate of click-through for a result in position 10 (typically at the bottom of the first page) is 3.11 percent. This isn’t too high, but it’s more than the typical advertising click-through rates of 1-2%.

Although the study didn’t cover anything less than the tenth position, it’s reasonable to believe that following the first page clicks, the number of clicks decreases rapidly to almost zero. When did you last go beyond the first page on one query?

Depending on the query you type in and the type of query, the competition to get on the first page of Google is often fierce. If you put in the proper effort and SEO efforts it’s possible.

Let’s review some of the most efficient, tried and tested strategies to help your pages get there.

1. Improve Internal Linking

I’ve put internal linking at the top since it’s one the most simple strategies to implement, and it can have substantial positive effects on your rankings.

On Page SEOThe internal structure of linking on your website is among the most important methods Google determines what your site is all about. And the more Google is aware of this, the more things they can place you on their list for.

Additionally, strategically placed linking between your websites can lead to you gaining an authority in your topic for most important topics which increases the chances that Google will seek your site to show higher rankings on these topics.

Strategic internal linking is the process of linking up pages in a way that is most appropriate for your users. There should always be a logical reason for a link. It isn’t just linking any page to another page. Instead, search for opportunities where certain pages can enhance or supplement the information provided on the page that a user is on.

Your users will not only get the benefit of having access to more, relevant information, but search engines also appreciate it too (and because of the same reason providing more value to their customers).

This kind of strategic interlinking will also show Google that you’ve got a comprehensive knowledge of the subject which gives them more confidence that the visitors they refer to your website will come back happy and content.

2. Find Your Threshold Pages

Threshold pages are those that are ranked just below page one (traditionally the positions of 11 to 20). They will likely generate little to any traffic, however, with some adjustment, they can climb into the “money” positions of the first page. They should be on your list of priorities since making these pages appear on first page is typically much easier than ranking content that is new.

Begin by using the rank tracking software of your choice to separate your pages that have keywords that rank in the positions of 11 to 20.

Check out all your organic keywords on Google Analytics and look at their performance metrics. Sort the results by volume of searches to bring the best result pages to the top. Apply the other suggestions from this post to these pages, and make them the first page!

3. Research Competitive Content

On Page SEOIf you have pages that are important which aren’t getting to the first page There’s a basic truth you need to acknowledge: your competitors pages that are page one have something that you don’t.

We don’t yet know the logic Google employs to determine the reasons why these pages rank higher than yours, a lot of things could be revealed when you cross-examine.

So, you need to take the time to reverse engineer and look at these competitors pages for are any results that are ranked higher than yours and then carefully evaluate them against your site. Here are a few questions to help with the process:

  • Are the contents of the website significantly better in quality (more complete, conveys authority without ignoring those who are intended to read it, and includes more relevant sources and information)?
  • Do you think it is better written?
  • Does it have keywords or topics that aren’t on your page?
  • Do they have superior internal links for other web pages of their website? Do other pages that are relevant have links to it?
  • Are the external profile links (backlinks) more extensive and/or superior quality?
  • Does it have “extras” that might be beneficial to the users (images charts, videos, images tables, etc.)

While you shouldn’t duplicate the pages that rank higher than you, the things they’re doing that you’re not could give you a good idea of how you can improve your website to compete with them.

4. Move Important Pages Higher in Your Site Navigation

On Page SEOThis strategy isn’t appropriate for every page of your website however, it can be used for the principal pages. One method Google determines the relative importance of a website is by comparing its location to the homepage via the internal navigation.

Your homepage usually receives many external link, and thus has the most authority on your website. The link equity flows to other pages that are linked from the homepage and those that are directly linked receiving the most of the credit. Moving your most important pages closer to your home page can increase the authority of your pages and thus the likelihood of them ranking higher.

5. Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly

This is a simple tip. If you’re still not making your website mobile-friendly, now is the best time to take the initiative.

We’ve long since passed the point of no return where the majority of searches start with mobile devices. “Mobile-friendlyness” is an aspect of Page Experience update, and it is logical that Google will prioritize content that is mobile-friendly for users using mobile devices to search.

Anything you can implement to make your website more user-friendly will eventually align with the objectives Google has set to achieve in its algorithm for ranking search results.

6. Earn/Build More Links

Google has provided us with many more things to think about today in regards to ranking (content quality and relevancy semantic and entity connections and much more) however, good old-fashioned backlinks remain highly associated with the ability of pages to rank.

Earning links is the process of making content of such quality and trustworthiness that other websites would be compelled to link to it. It needs to be good enough and relevant enough to serve as a reference for the content on other websites. Building links requires searching for opportunities for pertinent links from reliable websites.

To find out more about how LinkDaddy® can help you improve your backlink strategy just click here.

7. Pursue Featured Snippets

The process of climbing the ladder of ranking positions is a difficult (but essential) one. Sometimes, you are able to climb to the top in the group. Featured Snippets is a feature that is part of Google Search where one of the most popular results is made available in an extensive snippet of text high on the results page.

On Page SEOAlthough the rich snippet could go a long way to satisfy the searcher’s needs however, the experiences of many SEOs has shown that Featured Snippets typically generate a large amount of traffic, since people want to know more about what’s in the excerpt.

There’s no guaranteed strategy to be featured on a featured snippet however here are some ways to improve your chances:

  • Check out different various variations of your keyword on Google search results to see whether a Featured Snippet of your keyword is available for each one of them to determine opportunities. Certain SEO tools can identify the opportunities automatically. The Featured Snippets are typically displayed for keywords that have an informational purpose or for queries that are an inquiry.
  • When a Featured Snippet of Content is presented, pay attention to what the format of content. What is it? Table or paragraph text, bullet-list, video or another type? Although it’s not essential to duplicate the format, it may provide an insight as to what type of content Google likes to use for this query.
  • Take a look at the top website for this search. Find ways to improve it so that it is more appealing to Google to include it as an Special Snippet.
  • Keep in mind that when you are submitting the Featured Snippets section, Google wants content that clearly concisely and precisely responds to the purpose of the search.

8. Refresh Past Performers

The most successful content has a lifespan that looks like this. Once the content is published, it starts to gain rank and, consequently, traffic. In the end, it is almost inevitable that with time the flow of traffic will begin to deteriorate.

What causes this to happen? There are a variety of possible causes, including; better, more recent, or more authoritative content was published by other publishers, or the purpose of the question has changed as time passes.

Whatever the reason behind your site falling out of its previously higher ranking, there are methods to revitalize it and make it more visible on the search results.

Splice Keyword-Rich Content

Splicing is a method you can apply when your content is doing well. It will allow the content to keep growing instead of falling into decline.

The splice method involves identifying the pages on your website which are ranked for more than the average number of keywords. Although it may seem like a good thing however, it’s actually a sign of missed opportunities because certain keywords aren’t ranking in the same way as they should.

In splicing, you determine the lesser-performing keywords on the page you are currently on that could be a good fit. This could be the case if the page appears on the second page of results, or does not rank well but has significant demand for it.

After you’ve identified the opportunities, develop new pages with content that focus on these keywords. You can then link these pages to your first webpage that’s currently ranked. This provides Google more targeted landing page pages for a subject area where you have already been proven to be trustworthy and authoritative.

Expand and Enrich

If the content you have is in the decline stage of its lifespan, you may be required to think about destroying it (especially in the event that it’s obsolete or ineffective to recover).

But, you may be capable of reviving it by making the page more appealing to be more relevant with the current SERPs. For this to be done, type in the keywords that are most relevant to what you would like your page to rank, and then spend some time looking at the content of all pages that rank higher than yours.

Reverse engineer again. Consider what they have that your site doesn’t. Are there topics, keywords or elements (images videos, images and so on. ) and links or other elements you can add to your website?

The goal here isn’t to duplicate exactly what competitors do, but to gain an understanding of what Google might find on them which makes them more valuable than your own page.


Appearing on page one of Google SERPS should still be a high priority. A combination of good on page SEO and a strong backlink profile will give you the best chance of doing this on a regular basis.

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Grant Cardone – Real Estate Investor & Entrepreneur With The Midas Touch

In this article, we will be talking about Grant Cardone. The real estate investor, sales guru and motivational speaker, was born on March 21, 1958, in Lake Charles, Louisiana, and was the fourth child of Curtis and Concetta Cardone.

Grant Cardone

Cardone graduated from LaGrange High School in 1976. He then attended McNeese State University until 1981, graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting. In 2010, he received the McNeese State University Distinguished Alumnus Award, an award for outstanding graduates.

After graduation, he became addicted to drugs and was in rehab twice. The counselor at the time told him that he was not going to be successful in his life. He was a drug addict due to the fact that he was unable to take on the loss of his father.

It got so bad that at one stage he was robbed and beaten by fellow additcs to within an inch of his life. After discharging himself from the hospital he somehow made it back to his mother’s house. She didn’t recognize him, so bad was the beating that he had taken.

His mother then made it clear that Grant was no longer welcome at her home, he was out of control. From this low point, Grant Cardone crwaled back to redemption and signed up to rehab.

After rehab he went after a job with a car sales business. The rest is history as they say, Pretty soon he was not only successful but went on to become the best car salesman in his business.

Grant Cardone – First Ventures

When he was 29, Grant bought his first house. It was a single family home located in Houston, Texas. The initial rent managed to cover expenses however, it wasn’t long before Grant was seeking new tenants. After a negative experience, Cardone sold his investment as he believed it was not a good model to follow his investment philosophy.

In the following years, after he had saved enough money in order to build the base of his real estate empire, the businessman executed his first apartment purchase. After selling 38 properties within San Diego, he bought the property of a real estate agent for $1.9 million. He paid a minimal fee and within the space of a month, he had become proprietor of the 2nd building. In the following year, Grant bought the property at a cost in the region of $300 million. Real estate agents run by Cardone were also now based in several states. By the year 2012 Grant acquired five additional apartments.

Grant CardoneBeing experienced in investments, the owner of Cardone Acquisitions had most of the company’s shares and received support from the banks. Grant had now become a real estate magnate and the entrepreneur was considered by his contemporaries to be one of the top sales professionals on the planet.

The business rules outlined by Cardone are appropriate for people who are just starting out, as well as for those working in the field, tired sales managers, sales executives and brokers. The book he wrote, The 10X Rule: Only Difference Between Success and Failure, was considered one of the most inspirational books of all time. The entrepreneur’s bibliography over time has grown to eight books that are viewed by their target audience as a guide to taking action and being successful.

Cardone’s achievements marked him as an entrepreneur with an impeccable track record of success and a social media star. Grant hosted the TV show King Of Change, in which he acted as the coach to the entrepreneurs of small businesses.

Grant Cardone was now a respected businessman and best-selling author, and one of the most influential experts on real estate investment and the world of online business.

Grant Cardone – On Accumulating Wealth

Grant Cardone is a truly inspirational speaker. His thoughts on accumulating wealth are very forthright. When someone has dragged himself up from modest beginnings and overcome severe personal challenges, you have to respect his views and teachings.

An example would be his rules for fixing your personal wealth:

Grant Cardone’s 10 Rules To Get Your Money Right

  1. Don’t spend it until you get it.
  2. If you cheat on your money, you money will cheat on you.
  3. Save 40% until it’s time to invest it.
  4. If you can’t write it off, don’t buy it.
  5. Rent and lease. Don’t own.
  6. Stabilize and grow your first income flow.
  7. The 47 Rule: 40 hours for your boss/7 hours for you.
  8. Stay broke because cash is trash.
  9. You don’t want cash, you want cash flow.
  10. Never quit until you achieve your goals.

Here are Cardone’s 10 rules for a successful life

1. Don’t Let Fear Get In The Way
In his reflections on his professional career, Cardone says that regardless of how much money he earned the majority of the time, he was somewhat scared of it.

He was always worried about the loss of money or rethinking his thoughts and of being overwhelmed, or not knowing how to do to do with it.

Grant CardoneOne of the most significant lessons that he’s learned is the incredible power that fears have over you. It hinders you from reaching the fullest potential you have. The fear of failure can be especially toxic.

However, Cardone believes that failing is more difficult than achieving success. Overcoming your fear to put yourself in a position where you could fail, is the only way to put yourself in a position to win big. Fear of loss can be very inhibiting.

Cardone believes that life isn’t just about saving cash, becoming wealthy or building wealth. It’s about having the position to enjoy the freedom these things bring.

2. Don’t Be Afraid Of Debt
A lot of homeowners don’t become investors due to their fear of taking on debt. Their advice is to invest the next 30 years paying back their house until they’re completely debt-free on their mortgage.

Cardone believes that these people are sitting on massive assets that aren’t being utilized.

Real estate is a great asset to assist in the repayment of debt, that is, through its excellent cash flow to pay for the debt. The earnings from the property will be sufficient to cover the debt. You could then invest back into more property.

Let’s suppose you own five million dollars worth of property and have 3 million equity in the portfolio. Cardone suggests that equity should be used to invest, but also any cash being held in the bank.

3. Don’t Over-leverage
There’s a caveat in the second tip above. Cardone is comfortable to keep his credit to be at 65-70% the ratio of loan-to value. This is his max.

In exceptional situations in which your cash flow seems great, on a home deal the agent may increase the amount to 80 percent. However, generally speaking 30 to 35 percent is the best most effective option according to him.

4. Re-invest Everything You Make
Cardone declares that he is a king of “nothing”. This guy could be snoozing on a yacht that is massive and not spend a single minute thinking about money. Instead, the money that he earns, he uses on purchasing more real property.

He believes that whichever amount you pay to the government as tax (about 40 percent in his case) you should invest the same amount to purchase property.

Grant CardoneCardone will then spend his remaining 20% to continue living his life to the fullest. He considers that 20% an income that is passive. Cardone is often seen wearing a gorgeous watch, the Patek Philippe 40th anniversary timepiece. It’s worth about a hundred thousand dollars! The watch was bought by himself with the proceeds of one year of passive earnings, the 20 percent. The following month? The next month? Back in the black.

5. Go Big Or Stay Home
Cardone believes that real property with a strong cash flow is essential to safeguarding your financial security. Cash flow is the king. However, for Cardone the source of revenue isn’t sufficient therefore he wouldn’t purchase one unit. He’d want to buy the entire building.

“It’s the only thing you should be looking at,” says the billionaire.

He concentrates on one thing or one transaction. It could be 30 units, or more. Buy the entire structure and don’t sell it to anyone else.

He likens this to a casino. If a casino was to open and only had one table it would be insane. Casinos are home to hundreds of tables that have numerous streams of revenue. The casino invests in the flow of cash.

Of course it isn’t everyone who is in a position to purchase an entire apartment. However, going as large as you can on your own is the best option.

6. Join Forces With Others
Cardone’s capital to start-up for major real estate deals was derived from his successful business ventures. Not everyone has the ability to get started this way. If you’re not sure you can do it on your own then look for a partner.

Everyone would like to get into real property. Who has the time knowledge, expertise and funds to make it happen? Few. Contact these people and create an organization to finance the major deals.

Create a partnership that allows you both to win on the deal. A deal that they wouldn’t be able to get by themselves. Partnerships are powerful, therefore make the most of it.

What is the most important thing for Cardone? Give people respect and don’t be overly generous. Give your friends and family members a reward for their trust in you by caring for them.

7. Don’t Rely On ‘Customers’
While Cardone enjoys thinking big he only enjoys certain kinds of properties.

He isn’t a fan of hotels, since they are so reliant on the customers they serve. Nor of student housing which is temporary in its nature. Students arrive but after they finish their studies they leave.

The point is that there’s an important distinction between making a big move and taking it risky. The biggest moves should be considered moves that rely as little as possible on the actions or whims of customers.

8. Commercial Is Risky
In the same way, Cardone thinks commercial property is risky as the ways we work are shifting. Offices are shrinking due to businesses realizing that housing employees in one location is costly and inefficient.

It is only necessary to examine the hot-desking phenomenon that exploded in the last few years to see that companies have realized the value of floor space and how costly it is to waste. Nowadays, work-from-home arrangements are increasing as are shared work-spaces. Cardone believes that we’re moving away from the office.

But what about homes? There will always be a need for places for people to live in.

9. Stop Repeating The Same Mistakes
Cardone’s 10X rule is built on the experience of 30 years of business mishaps.

Grant CardoneWhat would Cardone consider to be as one of his biggest errors? Cardone believes that the mistake was due to thinking too small. He was not playing with enough size and the lessons he learned from his error changed his mindset.

Prior to the incident, Cardone did all of the good things. He made use of his skills and was a hard worker. He kept his money. However, he was not making any progress.

When he made the decision to shake off his fears and put himself on the line and invest, he determined to maximize his investment and make big decisions.

Another wise observation on learning from mistakes is Cardone’s comment that he prefers to learn from other’s mistakes rather than from his own!

10. Give Back
Mister 10x states that ‘my life was saved by giving back’, which is an amazing statement from a man who established an empire of business success. The meaning is that, by keeping his feet on the ground and being humble, he has remained true to his values as a person.

The Grant Cardone Foundation was an initiative that he started to raise funds to support a variety of causes, ranging from mentoring to financial literacy among the most disadvantaged and vulnerable people. He’s particularly passionate about helping children who’ve lost fathers, like he did when he was just 10.

Grant Cardone is the very example of success that has come from humble beginnings. With a shift in focus and implementing his rules that he’s put together from his own experiences, he’s created an impressive business and real estate empire. As usual, he’s not keeping his secrets to himself but sharing his expertise with the rest of us. We should be grateful for that.

Google My Business – Why You Need One & How It Can Help

You cannot separate getting more leads for your business and Google My Business. This is because the online searchers are mostly searching for something to buy.

Google My Business

Study shows that 78% of the mobile searches that happen daily, lead to a purchase, either in a store or an online platform. The role of Google My Business is to attract these people to your brand.

It makes sense that Google properties will help you rank better on Google SERPS and as Google My Business is a free option it really is a no-brainer.

What Then Does Google My Business Do?

Google My Business offers advertisers an affordable way to advertise their businesses without having to spend thousands on traditional advertising campaigns. Advertisers can also track where their advertisements are running, which can give them greater insight into how well their ads are working.

As an additional benefit, Google My Business has a built-in connection system between advertisers and online presence owners. This connection system, which is called Google Connect, allows businesses to share information about their products and services with other businesses. This type of sharing provides another stream of income for the online business owner as well as providing exposure to new customers.

How To Find Your My Google Business Account Login

Whenever you think of My Google Business account login, always think of When you click on that, it will take you right into the My Google Business login page. Click on “manage now” and you can either manage or sign in.

How Do You Set Up Google My Business Account?

Google My BusinessFirst, sign into Google My Business. Go to to do so. You can use an existing account or create a new one.

A good tip is to use your business email domain to create brand awareness.

Enter your business name. Check if you can see it on the drop-down menu. If you don’t, then click on “add business to Google”.

Do you have a physical store, or do you operate in a service area? Specify that.

Categorize your business– This is the only way searchers will find you in Google’s search result page.

Set the business details you need your customers to see.

Then finish and verify your business.

Adding Your Google My Business Website

The Google My Business website feature comes in handy for every businessperson and should be used by every business that has a physical location.

You will easily set up your website in less than ten minutes, and the tool is free.

The website is mobile friendly, and it also allows you to customize yours. It automatically picks your details from your Google My Business account and updates the website.


  • Login to your My Business account and click where you see “website”.
  • Click on the set-up wizard.
  • Pick your theme color to match your brand.
  • Get some photos and business details to help customize your site.
  • If you are happy with what you see, go ahead and publish it.

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How To Manage Your Google My Business Reviews

Go to and login to see your My Business page. This is where your will see your business reviews and respond to your clients’ feedback.

Encourage Customer Reviews

Google My BusinessCheck your company name from Google maps, and see the link that allows one to post a review. Copy the link and shorten it using bitly. Paste the short URL to the company website, business cards, email signatures, and any other possible material. This will make it possible for review posts without the need to search for the business on Google.

Enable Review Alerts

This is vital to help you quickly respond to the reviews. Respond to the negative reviews and fix the issue.

Create Your Google My Business Listing

Having your GMB profile come up in the Local 3 PACK for highly valuable local search terms can mean that you can tap into increased revenue as your business shows up in top results.

Because you do not pay to show in the Local 3-packs, your Google Business listing is something that you do not pay for and when you compare to the PPC rates that those that show in the first few search results on the page will have paid, makes a Google My Business campaign a no-brainer.

Google My Business also allows advertisers the ability to target specific audiences. They can also choose to display ads based on the content of each ad, rather than focusing on every ad in a row. Ads that are clicked on will be shown to users based on their location, gender, age, and what kind of ads are searched for the most.

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How To Set Google My Business Page


  • Get on Google- Visit There is a green button that has a “Start Now” button. Click that.
  • Sign into your Google account or create a new one.
  • Create your page- Once you find your business, click it and confirm you are the authorized person to manage it.
  • Verify your business- Google will send you a code at this stage. Use either of the options to verify your business; email, phone call or postcard.
  • Add the finishing details- For your page to be more effective, add photos, website, reviews feature and other needful details.

How The Google My Business App Works

This is a free tool that comes in handy to attract new customers.

Manages Your Business Appearance

Google My BusinessThe app helps you to manage how your business appears on Google Maps and Google searches.

You can use the app whenever you need to edit your business information. Do you have a phone number? What are your hours of operation? Do you have an address? Use the app to edit that information. To share photos or post updates on upcoming events or special offers, do so on the app.

Respond To Your Customers

Responding to your customer questions, their reviews and messages will help you build a stronger relation ship with them. The app will help you do all that. It enables you to see your clients’ interaction with your business.

How Google My Business Management Works

The first impression your business gives the client is very crucial. Using Google My Business helps you grow your online presence. This means that your clients can more easily find you. It gives more opportunities for new clients to also find you as they do their online searches.

Managing your Google My Business account leads to an increase in leads and conversions. This results in business revenue growth.

It gives your business room to improve on its online reputation. The platform allows your clients to post positive reviews about your products and services. You also get a chance to handle negative reviews and learn from customer feedback. It gives the impression that you care and are there for your clients.

Managing your Google My Business account helps to boost your local ranking, gaining a competitive advantage.

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In Conclusion

Google My BusinessGoogle My Business is a free option that Google offers to help you boost your online presence and performance in the GG SERPS. When people search for your target sch terms, you want to be found.

If you have a physical address GMB should be an integral part of your Online Marketing or you will be losing out on opportunities that you can bet your competitors are taking.

We understand that it is hard to be on top of your business and be an Online Marketing expert at the same time.

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