Chaba Thaimassage – Search Engine Optimization Quotation

There are 2 main areas that we look to improve on your website. The first is how to get more visitors and the second is how to turn those visitors into new customers for you by increasing the conversion rate of visitors to enquiries and customers.

I have analyzed your website and have the following recommendations and questions:

Design Elements of Your Website:

The first thing that you need to do is to agree what the main goal of your website is?

Is it to look nice? Is it to increase the number of enquiries? Is it to increase income?

First impressions count. At the moment there is nothing in the first view of your site to do any of the above, other than look nice.

Our recommendation to boost the conversion rate on your website is to add the following to the first view of your website that visitors see:

  1. A contact form so site visitors can submit an enquiry or booking request immediately the page loads. This should be in the section where you have the top image at the moment, suggest reducing that to half its width and having the contact form next to it.
  2. Your phone number with a Call To Action (CTA) to encourage site visitors to call and make a booking. This should be in the header of the page which remains in view when site visitors scroll down.
  3. Add some padding to the text area, at the moment it sits right to the edge of the page.
  4. Increase the font size, small font sizes make it harder for site visitors to read large blocks of text and they tend to give up and move on to another site/page.

Page Load Speed

If your pages take too long to load 2 things happen.

  1. Visitors will go and find another page to get their information
  2. Google and the other search engines will penalize you and you won’t rank as high as you could

We will make improvements to the technical coding of your website to make sure that your pages load as fast as possible and keep both your visitors and Google happy.

On Page Search Engine Optimization

The main goal with On Page Search Engine Optimization is to make sure that your website is setup to get the highest possible ranking in the search engines.
This covers both the technical coding of the site, the formatting, layout and content.
We will check every aspect of your website to ensure everything is fully optimized for on page SEO.
[insert on page SEO checklist]
Off Page Search Engine Optimization

Off page SEO is everything that we do off your website to help build online reputation, site authority and generate traffic (extra visitors).
Action Plan:

GG Stack Plus:
Build a group of Google’s own properties that will link to your website. These will both add authority to your site in the eyes of Google and help generate extra visitors.
Google Site Buffer Page + Multi Page Google Site + Google Doc Stack + Cloud Stack + Google Calendar + Google Maps + Google Sheets

Multi Page Sites:
Build a network of 250,000 pages that will rank in Google and redirect to your website for a very wide selection of possible phrases that could be searched for in Google and other search engines.
Over 2-3 months these will help boost the number of visitors to your website.
Email Marketing

Email marketing offers the best return on investment of all marketing activities. It works by collecting subscribers email addresses and names to a list. You can then email to your list on a regular basis.
We suggest 2 lists; one for existing clients and one for prospective clients that have visited your shop yet. This will allow you to market special incentives to your existing clients to increase their average spend and to keep them coming back. For prospective customers we need to deliver a different message and incentive to get them to come and enjoy a massage for the first time. Then they can be moved on to the existing client list.
We will set up the collection of prospective customers on your website for you and help add existing clients to a second list. We can discuss how we can help you maintain and manage your email marketing on an ongoing basis.
What is included:
Full review and audit of website
Changes to design elements of your website as detailed above
Changes to the code of your website to ensure improved page load speeds as detailed above
Changes to your website to optimize On Page SEO as detailed above
Action as detailed above to optimize Off Page SEO
Set up Email marketing list and add lead capture elements to your website
One-time Fee: €495
Extra Action To Increase Business
The following items are not included in the quote above but are very important to help boost the success of your website. I suggest we get started on the above items as they are critical to improve your websites performance, then review progress after 4-6 weeks and discuss any further actions that you may want to consider.
I strongly recommend that you start a blog on both Thai massage and living in the Wildeshausen area to your website. This will help improve performance in the search engines and provide fresh content for Google. Google loves fresh content and it keeps it coming back to your website which helps us rank higher in their results pages. Extra blog posts that we can syndicate out to other sites will also increase site traffic.
We can discuss how we can help you with this.
YouTube Video Channel:
I recommend just as strongly that you start a YouTube channel and post videos on Thai massage. YouTube is owned by Google and they consider any content on their properties as high authority which again helps your website rank well in search engine results.
Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing allows you to reach a bigger audience, establish your brand identity and start building relationships through conversations with your visitors. By having a presence on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest as a minimum you will see an increase in both traffic and conversions to your website.
If you are wondering what content you will need to publish on these networks and where you will find the time to do this, we can discuss how we can help automate a lot of the work by syndicating your blog and YouTube content.
Google My Business (GMB)
GMB is a special program ran by Google to help local businesses. Establishing a presence on GMB for your business will improve your reputation and authority in the eyes of Google which will help to rank higher in the search engines. GMB is also a great source of business and traffic for your website.
We can discuss how we can help you get established on Google My Business.