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When you are searching for the best roofing company in Austin TX, we are the roofers you are looking for. Over the years, with decades of experience s a professional roofing contractor
we don’t just focus on building roofs, we have built our fame and reputation as the Austin best roofing company. Our roofing experience of many years, and the fact that we are a team of roofing experts, offering excellent customer service, explains why we stand out in the roofing industry.

Austin Texas Roofing Company

Our focus and attention is on you- our customer, the property owner. We focus on satisfying our customers with our skilled roofing, and we work hard until you get all you needed and more.

Why Our Roofing Company?

When you need to hire a roofing company, you only want to hire the best roofing company in Austin TX. One of the reasons we are top rated as the best roofing company, is because we use advanced residential and commercial roofing systems. Our team of roofing professionals are what make us the 1st choice when it comes to selecting an experienced roofing company in mid Texas.

We are your to-go-for roofers because our team has amazing strength and skill in shingles, metal, plus flat roofing applications. We comfortably take care of all your roofing needs, from simple repairs to full roof replacements. We take care of all your roofing needs, no matter the roofing service you are looking for, whether residence or commercial building. You can tell your grandmother about this Austin roofing contractor, that is how good we are at what we do!

You can check what our customers have said about us. Take time to go through our customer reviews and the BBB Accredited Business ratings, it will explain why we are your go-to contractors.

So, how do you tell that we are the best roofing company to hire in Austin TX and its surrounding? We are aware that when you go out in search for a reliable roofing company, you are presented with many choices. How then do you tell the genuine from the scammers? How do you tell the skilled from the ones trying it out? It’s not just about price. There are many poor companies out there that have affordable prices. You could be asking who the best roofing company is. Below are some of the things to check out to help you make the right decision:


Do roofers need a license in Texas? Yes, they do! How do I know if a roofing company is legit? If the company you are about to hire is not licensed, do not even consider negotiating with them. Licensing a roofing company happens at both the state and national levels.

Austin TX Roofing CompanyIf a company tells you that licensing is not important, then forget about giving them any business. The roofing industry has a set of working codes laid down, and only a licensed company would follow those codes.

Roofing your home is not an activity that happens daily. It is a heavy investment because it serves you for years. Such investments require precision and skill. You therefore cannot afford to work with a company that does not have proof of its licensing.

When a roofing company is licensed, it will not find it difficult to produce its licensing certificate. So don’t accept any excuses.

When looking for roofing contractors near you in Austin TX, we are available, and our licensing can give you that peace of mind and confidence that we will deliver quality services.


Roofing engagements can be tasking and heavily demanding. There is risk during any roof installation no matter what types of roof, and you do not want to take any chances. It explains why a roofing contractor must be well insured.

So, what kind of insurance should a contractor have? The roofing company needs to have workers compensation as well as liability insurance. When looking for roofing experts in your area, do not consider any that don’t have the necessary insurance cover.

The workers compensation cover means that in case anything happens to the workers, the insurance caters for their needs. In case of any damages happening during the installation process, the liability insurance covers it. Damage to your property or your neighbors or even public property is covered.

Some companies will do anything to have that roofing contract. Ensure that all the information you get is verifiable. It could save you so much trouble down the road!

One of the ways to know that you are hiring a reliable roofing company, is to check their insurance. Check the insurance company that services the contractor. In case of any insurance claims, you will know who to talk to.

Hire Contractors In Your Area

Austin TX Roofing CompanyHiring residential contractors to work opn your home or commercial contractors to work on Commercial properties from your area comes with so many benefits. The first advantage is that it helps you escape scammers. Before you can hire that local contractor, you will have an easy time to confirm the quality of the services the firm offers. You will also get feedback from people you know, on that service provider’s services. You will verify from the locals who have used that contractor.

When you hire Austin roofing contractors, it is a chance to work with roofing contractors you can both trust and afford. In case of any arising issues, your local company will be easier to follow up with, than a service provider coming from outside town.

Hiring that roofing company in your area, also gives you a chance to support a local business. The local firm will need to protect their reputation. For the sake of their status, they will not give you poor workmanship. It’s just another decision you can make to improve your peace of mind.

Written Quotes

Another sign of a good roofing company is the ability to give you a detailed quote. The quote should show detailed breakdown of the roof installation process and costs involved. It should also detail the type of roofing and which high-quality roofing products they will be using.

It is advisable to get different quotations from the roofing companies. Go through the quotes and see what the roofing installation process will involve.

Many roofing companies will make it easy for you to get the quote. Most of the roofing companies will have forms on their website where homeowners can fill in what they require. Once the homeowner fills the form, the company sends them a customized quote. The best companies will come to your home and get an analysis of the physical set up.

Do you want to get a free estimate from Austin’s best contractor? Give us a call today, we will give you a free quotation that will highlight what we can do for you.

Stellar Workmanship

A roofing company that has been in operation for long, should have built references over the years. Make sure to check the customer reviews and give those references a call and determine the kind of workmanship you will get by hiring that firm.

Austin TX Roofing CompanyWhen choosing a Texas roof repair company, it will be a smart move to hire one that you can trust. You want to go for the best roofing company in Austin. It is therefore critical for you to do your checks. References come in handy in this process. It helps you to get an assurance of the highest quality workmanship in the area that the company has already completed. You can find out how their roof repair services actually turned out.

Your roof is one of the most important structures in your house. You therefore need a company that will give you comprehensive roofing services. High-Quality Roofing services is something that you should never be tempted to compromise on.

You will interact with the best of the roofing experts when you hire us. We are experts in roof replacement, repair and re-roofing of hail damage, leak repair, shingle roofs, tile roofs, in fact any type of roof. Whether you need a regular maintenance service or Emergency Repairs, we will be pleased to help you. Call our experts today for fast and reliable residential and commercial roof repairs.


We agree that roofing is an expensive affair, and you would want nothing but the best. The roofing company should therefore be able to provide both the workmanship and the installation materials warranty.

A good roofing company will have the confidence to warrant all the materials they use in your roofing project. No firm will guarantee their work and then give you poor quality. Any contractor giving you a guarantee will ensure they get it right. Some companies will give you up to 20 years of warranty coverage. The peace of mind that comes with this is priceless. You have the assurance that the company will give you nothing but the best installation materials.

Qualities Of A Good Roofing Company

How then do you easily tell who you should hire? Technology has changed the way businesses announce their presence. Most companies have adapted to the digital resources which you can use to learn who they are and what they do.

There are various social platforms as well as search engines that you can use to assess those companies. A roofing company that cares for its customers will keep giving updates of their new customers and successful installations on their website.

You will need to check the number of years the company has been in operation. It will tell you the level of experience you are about to get. Go through the previous projects the company has done and see how excellent its been. Check the rating of that company with the Better Business Bureau.

How Do I Choose A Roofer?

1. Trustworthy
Trust your instincts when talking to the firm you want to hire. What do you feel when you converse? Do you get a sense of communication breakdown? Or do you feel that the company is speaking your language?

Many business deals have been lost because of communication breakdown. Do not deal with a contractor who is vague. Are you experiencing difficulties getting hold of that preferred contractor? The best way to go about it is to drop them as fast as possible. You want to deal with a firm you can get in touch with, without a struggle.

2. On Budget & Timely
Apart from the need to get stellar workmanship, you will need a contractor who can have the installation done on time and within budget. Homeowners will want both a fair quote and a timely job. A contractor who delivers more than he promises is an excellent choice. No homeowner requiring emergency roof repairs wants to be left with a roofless top in the middle of a bad weather.

3. Competitively Priced
Price is key in any roofing project. A good contractor will be clear and detailed about each cost. The contractor should ensure the pricing is clear to the homeowner before the project starts.

Austin TX Roofing CompanyA good roofer will make sure they complete the project within the agreed price. If the homeowner has specified changes that they want to make in the installation process, and it involves extra costs, that should be clear between the contractor and the homeowner. The contractor should only use top-quality materials they have agreed from the onset.

When you are checking for the contractors in Texas, you will realize we are not only pocket friendly, but a great team to work with as well for a fair price. Excellent work at an affordable price is what we are known for throughout Central Texas.

4. Experience
Even if you are working with the agreed top-quality materials, the experience of the contractor should be non-negotiable. Working with contractors without the required experience, is usually the beginning of many roofing problems in Austin Texas.

Only an experienced roofing contractor will handle some of the unique roofing challenges that could develop. As a guideline, check for the Austin TX roofing company near you that has an experience above five years that can be verified through a customer review. To get it right, you can search for the best roofing contractors (Texas) near you. Find other roofing contractors nearby and compare the experience levels.

The Roofing Services Contractors Provide

A roofing contractor will generally provide multiple services to their clients covering all types of roofing. It could involve additional services alongside the roofing tasks. The services the contractor provides depend on whether they specialize in commercial roofing or residential roofing.

Residential Roofing

All residential roofs are different, some are a Flat Roof while others are sloped or pitched. You can choose any roofing material for your home. A residential shingle roofing expert should be able to meet all your roofing needs.

What are some of the services the residential roofing contractor will offer?

  • They inspect your roof to check if it has any damages especially after a stormy season or heavy winds. They check for possible roof leaks.
  • The expert will fix any missing or lifted shingles, as they take care of any isolated roof issues.
  • Restoring your roof, for example by cleaning it up or checking up any possible cracks.
  • If the shingles are aging up, the residential professional roofer will remove it, and replace it with a new one, as they install new shingles. They will prepare the roof for the procedure.
  • Somethings could happen and cause your roof to leak, or a storm damage could happen when the weather is stormy. A roof repair from a roofing expert will come in handy.

A complete residential roofing system includes gutters and downspouts. It also includes a soffit border to help ensure water flows away from your home.

When you search for professional residential roofing contractors, we are just a phone call or email away.

Commercial Roofers

Commercial roofing contractors in your area understand the need for services that will help the homeowner to maintain the durability and strength of the roof.

  • Maintenance package: Most commercial roofs are flat and that means they collect debris and dirt. A good commercial roofing company will give you a package that involves scheduled maintenance services. Such services will include cleaning up the roof and checking any potential damages.
  • Some sections of the roof could age faster than others, especially when the sections where water and debris rest for a while. It is therefore common to repair those small sections of the roof from time to time. When you need to hire a reliable roofing company when you need repairs in Austin, Round Rock, TX and surrounding, just give us that call.
  • At some point you will need to entirely replace the commercial roof. A commercial roofer will come in handy to give you professional services. You could be wondering what it will cost you to tear off a roof and replace it. We know our work too well, contact us for all your Austin commercial roofing needs. We will give you the quote and show you a demo of our work.

How Do You Know Which Materials To Work With?

The roofing material you choose for your home could be the game changer. It could be what completely turns around your home exterior. When upgrading your roofing, you will need to decide on the best color, look and style that will best suit your home.

Questions to answer when buying roofing materials:

  • Will the material require a special frame? The weight will determine whether you will need a special frame or not.
  • What are your preferred colors and styles? Check if the material you are choosing has your preferences.
  • What are the fire codes in your area? Make sure your preferred material meets the requirements.
  • Does the material of choice have any special maintenance or installation requirements? If so, check if it is a requirement you can handle with ease.
  • How long will the material serve, does it have a warrant and how much will it cost you?

When you answer the above questions, you will be well placed to make the best choice for your home.

So, what are the best two roofing materials in Austin? We will delve into several roofing materials, to help you make an informed choice.

Asphalt Shingles:

Austin TX Roofing Company
The fact that they are easy to install, and that they are also very affordable, makes the asphalt shingles common.

The experts also reinforce them using fiberglass or organic material such as cellulose. The reinforcement does not change its appearance.

Asphalt comes in different colors, and they are very pocket friendly. The downside is that its lifespan is not lengthy. It does not come with the insulation the rest of the materials come with, and it can work with different architectural designs.

Concrete and clay Tiles:

These improve the beauty and texture of the roof. The materials are heavy, and their installation is only done by a professional.

They are either flat, scalloped or ribbon in shape, and they have such a durability.

The concrete tiles are heavier, but they cost less than the genuine clay. The concrete tiles are also energy efficient. The weight of the tiles demands additional framing.

Metal Roofing:

The metal roof is perfect for areas with extreme weather, because it resists the tough conditions. You will find it in two types, either panels or shingles. You can find the metal roofs in zinc, aluminum, copper or stainless steel.

They come in handy if you want to harvest rainwater. They are light weight, come in a sleek design, they last long, and you can recycle the material.

Metal roofs offer a high level of solar reflectance.

If you are looking for a composite and metal roofing contractor in Austin, look no further, we are your solution!


Slate comes with a high level of beauty and elegance. It comes in shades of purple, black, red, green and gray.

The material has many advantages. It can resist fire, it is durable, and you can sustain it because it allows you to recycle it.

You can only use professionals to install it, and its heavy-weight. It also requires additional framing because of its heavy weight. You need to be careful with the material, because its quality can change when the product is imported.

Wood Shake and Shingles:

Many homeowners vouch for this material. The wood and shake/shingles are elegant, and when they weather, they get an attractive shade of gray.

If you get the wood shakes that are handmade, you will notice that they are rougher, yet more attractive than the shingles cut by a machine.

Is your area fire prone? Then go for Class-A fireproof wood products. Get the ones with a fireproof coating. They give your home that classic rusty look. They are products of cedar, southern pine and redwood. However, in wet climates, they are prone to rot, mold or split.

Synthetic Roofing Products:

These include polymer, rubber and plastic roofing materials. The developers work on them such that they give the look of natural products such as slate and wood.

You will find that they are easy to maintain, and they are sturdy as well. Some of which can resist fire. The installation process is easier, and they are way cheaper.

How Much Will The Roofing Services Cost You?

The roofing contractor will first measure the roof, by using a new technology that uses a measuring aerial. It helps to get the exact measurements of the roof. After that, the roofing contractor will determine the quantity of material that will be used, and price accordingly. Labor costs and any other agreed costs should be included in the price.

Check if they have any deals or discounts and make sure it is shown in the price.

Call us today for a free quote.

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