What’s new at Zapier: February 2022

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Looking for Zapier’s latest product news in February? We hope this list of the latest apps to join our platform (plus recent additions to your favorite integrations) will add some extra joy to your workflows. From our brand new Invision Community integration to the latest partners to support Transfer by Zapier, we can’t wait to show you what’s new and improved. Happy automating!

Latest launches

Invision Community

Invision Community is an independent community platform that lets you create compelling community experiences. With it, you can increase customer loyalty, reduce support costs, and drive sales. Features include forums, file sharing, eCommerce, and much more. Find out more about using Invision Community and Zapier here.

GoTo Connect

Need a cloud phone system for your business? GoTo Connect is a fully integrated business communications solution with calls, video conferencing, and messaging built right in. With it, you can keep your business connected, increase customer satisfaction, and help your reps be more productive. Learn more about using Zapier and GoTo Connect here.


Engaging and retaining your customers starts with understanding them. Formaloo is a no-code form and database builder that allows you to survey customers then analyze the information with its customer data platform. Ready to paint a full customer profile to optimize your business?

Crystal Ball

While traditional analytics might tell you what’s happening, it might not always tell you why. That’s exactly what Crystal Ball aims to change by helping you optimize your data analytics with automated annotations to enhance your marketing ROI. It brings you the data you need across the customer journey through events and actions.


Flowdash is a flexible task management platform built for fast-growing companies to manage, track, and complete their work. With it, you can customize task views that pull in all the info your team needs, with simple ways to take action. Get ready to save more time and get more done.


myRealPage offers real estate webblog solutions for agents, teams, and brokers seeking superior online marketing. The platform comes with professionally designed webblog templates, stylish themes, and an easy-to-use webblog editor—all designed to generate and convert leads.

My Web Audit

Creating webblog audits that business owners can really dig into is time-consuming and difficult. My Web Audit, an audit and reporting tool, helps you generate more leads and close more deals with actionable, easy-to-understand reports.


Reflexion.ai is a content collaboration and AI platform that supports all types of content, including video, audio, photos, and documents. It allows teams to collaborate on content, extract metadata, and storyboard. Collaborate like never before with whiteboard features, voice notes, comments, and threaded discussions.


Want to let your QuickBooks account and eCommerce store talk to each other? Connex is an automated QuickBooks eCommerce integration that provides an automated, two-way sync that works with QuickBooks Online and desktop editions. Orders are sent from an eCommerce platform to Connex. The platform applies rules and business logic, and then formats and sends them to QuickBooks desktop.

Swipe Pages

Swipe Pages is a landing page builder for ROI-driven marketers. The platform lets you create fast, mobile-optimized AMP landing pages. It comes with features that save time and shape success, like drag-and-drop editing, design effects, conversion optimization, and analytics.


Campaignware is a digital content creation platform that lets you create gamified, interactive content to help you grow your email list. You can use prebuilt quizzes, surveys, polls, special offers, lucky draws, and more to grow your marketing. With Campaignware, you can stay top of mind with interactive experiences people enjoy.


Hopscotch is a social media management platform that lets you manage all your social accounts (like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn) in one place so you waste less time. You can do things like compare analytics, manage posts, automate routine tasks, schedule posts, and more.


Popl is a digital business card platform that allows you to share contact info and capture leads. Tap your Popl to someone’s phone to instantly capture leads and customers, then favorite, group, sort, and manage them from the app.


ServiceBell helps you win more customers and create better support experiences with live video chat, screen takeover, and user monitoring—directly on your webblog. ServiceBell lets you see how your customers browse on your blog in real time, get notified when they interact with high-value pages, and go on a live video chat with them at any time.


Likely.Ai is an artificial intelligence program for real estate businesses that can predict future events like which properties will come onto the market within 90 days and how likely contacts are to sell. With it, you can assess your lead database for contacts likely to sell based on various data sources and get an edge over the competition.


ApptiveGrid is a visual spreadsheet and database hybrid that lets you place your data safely in the cloud. With it, you can create digital products and workflows, submit data through forms, filter your data, share views with others, and organize your work in Kanban boards or calendar views. Whether you want to manage tasks and projects, provide a home for inventory, or record your work time, Apptive Grid can help.


nunify is an event management platform that lets you run any type of event, including virtual or in-person events, webinars, and even meetings. It comes packed with tools for registrations, onblog check-ins, networking, and audience engagement—for the entire event lifecycle.

Latest updates

Integration updates logos on a blue background


Do you use our Textline integration to automate your business messaging? You can now view all the Zaps you’ve set up with Textline where it makes the most sense—directly inside Textline.


You can now move bulk data from WooCommerce into another Zapier integration with Transfer by Zapier. Automatically transfer batches of your WooCommerce customer/product data—no matter how old—directly into other apps you use. Ditch the manual data entry for good. Get started here.


Thanks to the brand new “Completed Course” trigger, you can now trigger workflows in Teachery whenever a course is completed.


You can now add a secondary contact to a deal in ActiveCampaign, so you have more information and more contacts when it comes to closing deals.


Want to keep your mailings lists up to date and clean? You can now delete recipients based on their email addresses.


Our Holded integration has one new action which lets you create payments whenever trigger events happen in another app. Keep your CRM up to date with all the most important customer information.

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