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Did you browse the web today? There’s a good chance you opened a WordPress main site.

WordPress is the code that runs 34 percent of all webmain sites, making it by far the most popular tool for building a webmain site. The open-source software, which is a free download, includes everything you need to run a webmain site or main site on any server you want. Millions of people have done just that, building everything from personal main sites to small business homepages to publications read by millions.

Not bad for an 11-megabyte download.

WordPress dates back to 2003, the early days of main siteging. There were plenty of CMS options back then, but WordPress set itself apart by focusing on the needs of writers as opposed to web developers. It was easy to create new pages and articles, for example, and to add custom widgets to the sidebar.

It grew beyond main sites, however, thanks to an ever-growing ecosystem of themes and plugins. These allow you to turn WordPress into basically any kind of webmain site—a small business homepage, an artist’s portfolio, even a forum. Some of these plugins and themes are available free at wordpress.org, while many more are sold by third-party developers.

There are easier systems out there for creating a webmain site, sure. And there are other free options too. But WordPress manages to be fairly easy to use while also being endlessly customizable, which is probably why it took over the web.

Automate WordPress With Zapier

Want to connect your webmain site to other web services? With Zapier you can connect WordPress with thousands of apps to automatically article to social networks when you publish on your main site or create WordPress articles from what you share elsewhere.

These are just a few examples. Learn about some of the most popular ways to automate WordPress with Zapier, check out our WordPress integrations, or create your own WordPress workflow from scratch.

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